Where there's smoke, there's insanity

Recent fits of rage

Out of the Foxhole


Fox News made a 180 degree course correction on Tuesday by settling out of court with Dominion Voting Systems over the network’s defamatory lies it spread after the election, agreeing to pay the astronomical amount of $787.5 million. It’s nice to see gravity starting to return to the world of news and politics, where one’s held accountable for one’s actions. What’s...

Siri, the little engine that (barely) could


It’s 2023, right? 11 years after Mayan’s predicted the end of the world? 24 years after everyone was worried computers would turn into killer terminators at the end of 1999? Somehow, Siri still can’t be bothered to do anything for you unless she’s got an internet connection. I’m not talking about looking up directions to that local pizza place… I’m...

I Know Why the Caged Twit Sings


Love it or hate it, Twitter is here to stay. It’s become a staple in the worlds of politics, journalism, and beyond. The future of the company has never before looked so unsure. Following Elon Musk’s massive $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, he’s already fired some of its top executives and has hinted at major structural change coming soon. Years of animosity between Musk and...

New York Puts The Heavy on Trump


Hit with a new lawsuit like a ton of bricks My story also on Medium New York attorney general Lititia James has filed charges against Donald Trump and 3 of his children accusing them of fraud. In addition to $250 million in damages, New York seeks to bar the Trumps from ever again serving as executives on any company registered or licensed in New York. [Washington Post] The 222-page civil...

The Literal Stuff of Nightmares


Your eyeballs have no doubt already darted to the hideous sea monster emerging through the hazy, green mist below this paragraph. The newest fodder for my thalassophobia (fear of deep water) and reason to keep my psychotherapist employed, this bad boy was found in the Gulf of Mexico by a remotely operated Shell Oil underwater drone. Real Life ‘Squid Games’ Before you ask, yes —...

Skeletons in Golden Closets


Trump’s residence and office at Mar-a-Lago was raided by the F.B.I. today in an audacious move by a Justice Department which has taken criticism in the past for pulling punches. The search focused on material that Mr. Trump had brought with him to Mar-a-Lago when he left the White House, which allegedly contained many classified documents. They also cracked open one of Trump’s...

Sonos can suck my Bonos


Ahhh yes, my never-ending saga of shitty user experiences with Sonos…… a company I used to perceive as a world-class brand but now stands as a painful reminder of corporate America’s lack of respect for basic consumer dignity.  Sonos started as a pioneer of seamless, multi-room sound. One of their primary draws was the ease by which one could set up a new Sonos system, and...

Ghosts of Insurrection Past


The United States is finally reigning in the masterminds behind the January 6th terrorist attack on The Capitol. I always make sure to use that language because we shouldn’t forget to call it what it was. Had they had things their way, a full-on, fascistly enforced coup would have taken place and the orderly transfer of power would have been interrupted and, in fact, end entirely with...

“Death Roe”


Well, it finally happened. The longstanding conservative-dreamt death march of Roe v. Wade has finally led to a logical conclusion. Decades of complacency on the part of Democrats slow-walked the precedent right off the plank, one gruesome and grizzly step at a time. Ample time existed to codify Roe v. Wade into law, yet no Congressional or Presidential capital was spent on it. Now, Trump’s...

Take a trip in Seattle


Psycho·nauts, rejoice! Seattle just joined as the largest amongst an already-growing list of cities spearheading the legalization of psychedelics. The landmark measure extends what is already Seattle city policy not to arrest or prosecute people for personal drug possession to further protect the cultivation and sharing of psychedelic plants and fungi for “religious, spiritual, healing, or...

Where there's smoke, there's insanity




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