Where there's smoke, there's insanity

State Run Propaganda

Trump suggests U.S. launch it’s own TV network

Gee, I wonder whether the White House would have a compelling amount of control over the new network he suggests creating.

Perhaps he finally sees he may not win reelection in 2020 between his low popularity, the loss of the House and over 400 State legislature seats, and the unfavorable trajectory of the Mueller investigation. Perhaps he’s getting bored with the Presidency and finds it less fun than starring in “The Apprentice.” Perhaps he’s just letting more his “inner dictator” out.

“Trump says U.S. should launch state TV network”

The Washington Post

One thing’s for sure, though; this isn’t completely unexpected. After all, Trump never actually expected to win the Presidential election in 2016. His plan all along was to leverage his newfound fame and loyal base of supporters to launch his own “Trump TV” network, the likes of which I’m sure he wishes would rival Fox and Trump’s longtime detractor and idol, ironically, Roger Ailes. Perhaps the American public will get a season preview broadcast directly from the White House itself. Once again, your spider senses should be tingling here…..

Nonetheless, you can already imagine the kind of content you’d find there……

By Adam Schuster
Where there's smoke, there's insanity




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