Where there's smoke, there's insanity


Welcome to the Upside Down


Stranger, Stranger, and Stranger Things What a week. Trump just declared he finally believes his own intelligence community directors that Russia is, indeed, actively trying to hack and/or manipulate our upcoming election. Just one thing – he thinks they’re rooting for the Democrats this time. Yup. You heard right. President Trump contradicting his earlier statement he does not believe Russia is...

Case of the disappearing man


Now you see him; Now you don’t! Hocus Pocus Propaganda may be alive and well in the 21st century; and not just in China and Russia but right here, “Made In America” in the good ole United States. By now, we‘re all aware foreign and domestic actors are actively and more or less continuously trying to manipulate our opinions and actions. From fake accounts, names and websites to fake news, posts...

Helsinki froze over


Right in plain sight Seems like as good a place to start a blog like this as any… Last week in Finland, Donald Trump reconfirmed to the world during a joint press conference that he is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin and, for once, it seemed like everyone was finally in agreement about what’s been so obvious the entire time. I didn’t have a chance to watch footage until two days after...

Where there's smoke, there's insanity




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