“Death Roe”


Progressives have, for decades, taken for granted Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. Now that land is being dangerously encroached upon by the GOP and religious right-wingers. Stacked with Conservative judges in recent years (thanks, Trump!), the Supreme Court is closer than ever before to putting in jeopardy access to safe, private abortion clinics. A leaked draft opinion by Justice Samuel...


Take a trip in Seattle


Psycho·nauts, rejoice! Seattle just joined as the largest amongst an already-growing list of cities spearheading the legalization of psychedelics. The landmark measure extends what is already Seattle city policy not to arrest or prosecute people for personal drug possession to further protect the cultivation and sharing of psychedelic plants and fungi for “religious, spiritual, healing, or...


Another injustice ‘Ritten’ into America’s history books


Yet another crime goes unpunished in America. Another young, white male gets to go home to his family after wreaking easily-avoidable havoc in a town he doesn’t live in, with a weapon he’s not of legal age to own and carry, and whose reckless behavior should bring shame upon all of us. Look at this the faint smirk painted across this boy’s plump, little piglet face. That’s...


Facebook Gets Meta


Goodbye Facebook; Hello World, Meet Meta. It’s Not as Easy as “Abracadabra” ‘Marky Mark and the Facebook Bunch’ have long fascinated me by their abilities to say and do absolutely nothing in the face of immense public outrage. Through Jedi Mind tricks and complicated hand gestures which would make even Pai Mei proud, they never face any real consequences or...




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