Where there's smoke, there's insanity

Recent fits of rage

Sonos can suck my Bonos


Ahhh yes, my never-ending saga of shitty user experiences with Sonos…… a company I used to perceive as a world-class brand but now stands as a painful reminder of corporate America’s lack of respect for basic consumer dignity.  Sonos started as a pioneer of seamless, multi-room sound. One of their primary draws was the ease by which one could set up a new Sonos system, and...

Ghosts of Insurrection Past


The United States is finally reigning in the masterminds behind the January 6th terrorist attack on The Capitol. I always make sure to use that language because we shouldn’t forget to call it what it was. Had they had things their way, a full-on, fascistly enforced coup would have taken place and the orderly transfer of power would have been interrupted and, in fact, end entirely with...

“Death Roe”


Well, it finally happened. The longstanding conservative-dreamt death march of Roe v. Wade has finally led to a logical conclusion. Decades of complacency on the part of Democrats slow-walked the precedent right off the plank, one gruesome and grizzly step at a time. Ample time existed to codify Roe v. Wade into law, yet no Congressional or Presidential capital was spent on it. Now, Trump’s...

Take a trip in Seattle


Psycho·nauts, rejoice! Seattle just joined as the largest amongst an already-growing list of cities spearheading the legalization of psychedelics. The landmark measure extends what is already Seattle city policy not to arrest or prosecute people for personal drug possession to further protect the cultivation and sharing of psychedelic plants and fungi for “religious, spiritual, healing, or...

Another injustice ‘Ritten’ into America’s history books


Yet another crime goes unpunished in America. Another young, white male gets to go home to his family after wreaking easily-avoidable havoc in a town he doesn’t live in, with a weapon he’s not of legal age to own and carry, and whose reckless behavior should bring shame upon all of us. Look at this the faint smirk painted across this boy’s plump, little piglet face. That’s...

Facebook Goes Meta


Goodbye Facebook; Hello World, Meet Meta. It’s Not as Easy as “Abracadabra” ‘Marky Mark and the Facebook Bunch’ have long fascinated me by their abilities to say and do absolutely nothing in the face of immense public outrage. Through Jedi Mind tricks and complicated hand gestures which would make even Pai Mei proud, they never face any real consequences or...



Two decades and countless lives lost to a war which went no where. The United States evacuation of Afghanistan ended with a whimper instead of a roar. Like Iraq, Viet Nam, and arguably Korea, we continue to thrust ourselves across different parts of the world stage only to demonstrate how misguided, ineffective and impotent our original vision really was.

“The Art of (Breaking) The Deal”

Instead of putting deals together, Trump finds it much easier to break them apart One thing has certainly become clear since Donald J. Trump assumed the office of the presidency: the man’s word means nothing. He’s already broken many of his own, personal campaign promises and in-office commitments, but it’s other peoples deals he enjoys blowing up the most. I mean, let’s be honest: if all you...

State Run Propaganda


Trump suggests U.S. launch it’s own TV network Gee, I wonder whether the White House would have a compelling amount of control over the new network he suggests creating. Perhaps he finally sees he may not win reelection in 2020 between his low popularity, the loss of the House and over 400 State legislature seats, and the unfavorable trajectory of the Mueller investigation. Perhaps he’s getting...

The Doctor Is In.


Trump has official government photos doctored “Trump inauguration crowd photos were edited after he intervened”The Guardian Ugh. Need I say more? This kind of thing probably shouldn’t be too surprising anymore from a White House but peddles lies, distortions and propaganda on a regular basis. I know his crowd size isn’t the most important thing in the world (besides, isn’t it the...

Where there's smoke, there's insanity




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