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Stranger, Stranger, and Stranger Things

What a week. Trump just declared he finally believes his own intelligence community directors that Russia is, indeed, actively trying to hack and/or manipulate our upcoming election.

Just one thing – he thinks they’re rooting for the Democrats this time. Yup. You heard right. President Trump contradicting his earlier statement he does not believe Russia is still interfering in U.S. politics when he tweeted:


We’re really entering an alternate dimension now. Trump’s mind must be a very scary place to reside. It sounds like he knows Republicans may lose the House in the 2018 midterms (and perhaps even the Senate) and he’s already laying the groundwork to cast doubt on the authenticity of the elections by simultaneously embracing (some of) the evidence his own intelligence directors have essentially shoved in his face.

It also reinforces the proposition I pointed out in my last post, alleging the unlikelihood the edited transcript and video of the Helsinki press conference being “just a mistake.” It seems hard to believe the only answer edited out was the one confirming Putin wanted Trump to win the presidency, flying in direct contrast to Trump’s new line of tweets beginning this week about Russia supporting the Democrats to win.

I’m sure this is also meant to muddy the Mueller findings, so when they’re finally released the public finds everything about who the Russains were hacking and when not just confusing but boring. A lot like Republicans’ tactics of introducing articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein. They’ve already retracted the articles but the points was only to get them out there into public discourse so they can be referenced back to by the President and his shillers.

By Adam Schuster
Where there's smoke, there's insanity




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